Educating the Next Generation of Coaches

If you’ve been in the coaching world for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Championship Productions. In the athletic industry for more than 45 years, Championship Productions is internationally recognized as the leader in instructional videos and books covering more than 20 sports!

With a Hall of Fame catalog that includes all-access practices, winning playbooks, and agility insights from the likes of Bob Knight, Dean Smith, and Mike Krzyzewski, Championship Productions is known for delivering first-in-class resources made for coaches at all levels.

Their mission is to provide the world’s best instructional products to coaches and athletes who aspire to achieve excellence. With such an emphasis on education and providing superior learning resources for coaches, cultivating a partnership with Championship Productions felt like a natural fit for us at Black Coaches United, and we’re excited to see continued growth for both of our initiatives as a result.


Building a Strong Foundation

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Recruiting Coordinator and Sports Director at Championship Productions, Thom McDonald, to get a more in-depth look at the heart behind their organization:

“Many coaches think we only focus on basketball. And it’s true, our basketball videos get the most views. But we cover every major sport, including content on coaching theory, creating culture, self-esteem building, strength training, and conditioning that applies to all sports at all levels. While there’s value in the Xs and Os play videos, and they do get the most traction, the real wins come from learning the fundamentals of how to effectively coach. We want to equip coaches with what they need to build a strong foundation for their teams, not just the routes to run a play.”

We couldn’t agree more! As an organization, Black Coaches United aims to support coaches – from grassroots to pro levels – through training, mentoring, and advocacy. When we work to build a strong foundation, just as Championship Productions pointed out, our players reap the rewards as well.


What’s in It for You

Do you want to learn coaching theory from the best? Are you looking for new practice drills to run, the next winning play to route, or team building exercises to implement? With Championship Productions you can access 6,000+ videos designed to take your coaching skills to the next level.

BCU Founders Shaka Smart, Tubby Smith, Rodney Terry and many of our grassroots and high school coaches have all contributed excellent instructional content that you can check out.

At the BCU, our mission is to build strength, unity, and advancement, and our valued partnership with Championship Productions help us create a larger, stronger network for coaches like you who are pursing athletic excellence among your teams every day.


About the Black Coaches United

Black Coaches United strives to foster more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments – in our sports and in our communities – through training, mentoring, and advocacy on behalf of black athletes, coaches, and administrators. 

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